Florencius International school welcomes pupils aged 4-12 from all over the world. We offer international primary education in a multicultural environment. Our teachers are all native English speakers and fully-qualified. FIS is part of a Dutch school community which means our children are in direct contact with the Dutch culture and customs, while simultaneously being educated in English. Dutch can be taught as a second language.

The admission proces consists of a number of steps:

Step 1 Pre-Application

Please fill in the Pre-Application form below. Once our admissions office receives all the general information on the online Pre-Application form, we will contact you with further information and details.

Pre-Application form

Step 2 Intake and admission

If your child is eligible for admission, we will contact you and begin the intake process. We will ask you to send us specific documents such as school reports and a copy of the child’s passport. You will be asked to fill in the Application form we will send you, and to enclose all the necessary supporting documentation.

Step 3 Confirmation

After having processed your information and having contacted your child’s former school, we will contact you to let you know whether admission can be confirmed.  

Note: during summer holidays the application process deviates from the normal application procedure.

Step 4 Assessment

The moment your child starts at our school we will start the assessment procedure. Our educational specialist, along with the teachers, will observe your child, administer tests and conduct interviews in order to assess your child’s educational needs and create a personal development plan. This plan will be presented to you and discussed with you after the assessment. The cost of the entire intake procedure is € 1250,- . If the assessment also requires an intelligence test, an additional fee of € 750,- will be charged.

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