IQ – Ambition

Our brains are constantly developing. At Florenciuswe show our pupils that they can influence their own development by using the growth mindsetBcelebrating successes and embracing mistakes, children understand that learning can actually be fun.

For mathematics, language and reading we work with cutting-edge British teaching methods. Our focus is on the future, which is why we pay special attention to 21st century skills such as creative thinking, communication and collaboration with others. Science is also an integral part of our school program!


We set high expectations of our pupils based on their individual levelsIn addition to instruction being given in small groups, children receive direct feedback on their work so they can make adjustments and continue working in an effectiveway. This way, pupils are always being challenged to work onor just above, their own levels


Since technology is an indispensable part of society, we work with laptops and Digi-boards in all groups. From group 6 onevery pupil must have his/her own laptop (financed by parents). This laptop stays at school until the end of the yearAfter that, the pupils take it home.

Computers are not only used as a way to learn and search for information, but we also spend time on skills like ‘computational thinking’ and coding.

In addition to advantages, digital learning also has disadvantages. At Florencius we pay structural attention to the opportunities and threats of using the internet and social media.

In terms of mental intelligence (IQ), Florencius  International School pays attention to:

  • Personal Development; each child starting at Florencius International School is assessed and given a personal development plan based on his/her unique strengths and needs, which is discussed and evaluated with  parents.
  • Quality; We deliver top-level, well-structured private education that emphasises international mindedness and 21st century skills.
  • Extra Support; We offer specific customised support for children that are gifted, children with dyslexia, dyscalculia and fear of failure.
  • International-Thinking and Learning; We promote the knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures. 

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