Our beautiful locations

Florencius International School is located in Amstelveen, but we expect to open FIS-locations in Laren and Haarlem in the (near) future.


Florencius Primary School Amstelveen started in Amstelveen in January 2012. This school is located in a beautiful building in a quiet residential area, just 10 km from Amsterdam. Our garden provides enough space for pupils to play and have fun.

In order to be able to start our International School, the school has been renovated in 2018 and has a warm and bright atmosphere. The ‘FIS-children’ play outside and have lunch together with the Dutch students.

Florencius International School Amstelveen
De Savornin Lohmanlaan 2
1181 XM Amstelveen
Telefoon +31(0)20 640 81 18
Email info@florencius.nl

Manager Florencius International School Ms. Sanne Schuringa, tel +31(0)6 18 52 52 77 of mail s.schuringa@florencius.nl

Meet the FIS Team Amstelveen

At Florencius International School we have teachers from all over the world:

Ms. Sanne Schuringa
Manager Florencius International School
Ms. Bonnie Joosten
Classroom teacher FIS 1
Ms. Gina van der Vliet
Classroom teacher FIS 2
Ms. Maaike Bernauer,
Educational Specialist
Marijn HI1A5660 kopie
Miss Marijn Pruntel
Art Teacher
Mr. Terence Harris
Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Cor Wolter