Dear parents/guardians,

At Florencius International School we offer both care and instruction to various types of students. Each student has his or her own unique personality, talents, knowledge, skills and possibilities to optimally profit from our education. In some situations students might require additional assistance during their school career. Our school offers extra guidance and support if necessary for your child.

To obtain a clear picture of the type of support your child might require, please provide us with documentation from the previous school and if available important files regarding your child. We also request you to answer the questions below. If you need extra space for your answers, use the “Additional comments” section found under each of the questions.

We trust you to complete the document truthfully. Naturally all information is confidential and will be handled with discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Learning support-team Florencius International School

SQ– Spiritual intelligence (Self-confidence)
Does your child show self-confidence?
Does your child show self-control?
Is your child cooperative?
Does your child follow daily routines?
Does your child plan and organize own time?
Does your child expresses feelings appropriately?
Does your child demonstrate respect for other’s feelings, differences and viewpoints?
Does your child have a realistic image of her-himself?
Is your child capable of giving specific feedback to others?
Is your child capable of receiving specific feedback by others?
IQ– Mental intelligence (Ambition)
Is your child eager to learn?
Do you anticipate any difficulties with English?
Has your child ever received or been recommended for extra (learning)support?
Do you anticipate any learning difficulties?
Have you ever noticed any difficulties in your child’s development?
Does your child experience performance anxiety?
Has your child received:
• Counselling
• Psychological assessment
• Occupational therapy
• Physical therapy
• Speech and language therapy
EQ– Emotional intelligence (Passion)
Is your child motivated to join classroom activities?
Does your child consistently follow school and classroom rules?
Does your child communicate well with peers?
Does your child behave respectfully and appropriately towards adults?
Is your child a co-operative class member both in classroom and playground?
Is your child learning to accept responsibility for her/his actions?
Has your child had any traumatic experiences (hospitalisation, death of a relative, traffic or fire accident)?
Has your child ever experienced bullying?
Does your child make friends easily?
Does your child maintain friendships easily?
PQ– Physical intelligence (Energy)
Does your child deal well with stress?
Does your child have any physical limitations?
Does your child have any auditory problems?
Does your child have any visual problems?
Does your child have any motor skill issues?
Does your child have any speech/language problems?
Does your child take medication?