Growth Mindset

At Florencius International School (FIS), we strongly believe in the growth mindset and the power of “yet”. What is the growth mindset? It’s the idea, or mindset, that your intelligence and ability to learn is not fixed. You are in control.

The way we think about ourselves and the tasks set before us has a huge impact on our development. When we believe that we can indeed “get smarter”, we also understand that our dedication and commitment are integral to our success. If we put in the time and effort, we have a greater chance of grasping that new concept or improving that skill. And if you don’t comprehend something right away? That’s OK. You just haven’t gotten it yet. But don’t give up, because with hard work and patience, you will.

Our brains are extremely malleable. Our experiences shape us and make us who we are. Practice, and making mistakes, help us to progress. Everything we do causes the neurons in our brains to take off and forge connections. Ultimately, science shows that we can increase these connections and even strengthen existing ones, by the decisions we make and actions we take daily. Asking questions, applying new strategies, and looking at things from different perspectives, are key to changing and growing our brains.

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“FIS has been more like an extended family than a school for us this year. We came and left with a smile on our faces every day. We felt at ease dropping off our dear son knowing that he will be in a loving and nurturing environment. Besides the classes we found rich content of activities throughout the school year. As parents who have lived as expatriates in several countries, we feel lucky to have found a school like FIS in the Netherlands.”

Parents of Toprak

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