SQ – Self-confidence

At Florencius, we believe it is important to help our pupils develop into self-assured world citizensThat’s why it’s essential that they really get to know and understand their true selves.

Our teachers present children with opportunities, and then discuss both the positieve and negative consequences of their choices and actions with them.

By emphasising what children can do well, their self-confidence increases tremendously. With this growing confidence, the fear of trying new things greatly diminishes. We teach our pupils that it’s okay to make mistakes, because mistakes allow us to learn and grow.

In terms of spiritual intelligence (SQ), Florencius International School pays attention to:

  • Integrity; making children aware of their values, beliefs and conscience and teaching them to deal with those sincerely.
  • Meaning; ensuring children feel meaningful and significant, which is essential for their self-confidence.
  • Growth mindset; all children are capable of success; everyone is able to make individual growth and progress. We teach children to identify their own wishes, passions and goals, and know that together with hard work and determination, they can find and achieve personal success.
  • A positive social climate; with a well-balanced variety of rest and activity. Inner peace is the basis to happiness and the social and emotional well-being of the child.

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“The individual attention, approach and stimulation of Florencius ensure that our daughter has enjoyed learning and is leaping forward.”

Margot, mother of Bibi

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