At Florencius International School (FIS), we strive to instill confidence, happiness, and acceptance in each and every one of our pupils. The children at FIS are immersed in an internationally-minded learning environment where social and cultural understanding are fostered. It is critical that all students feel safe and comfortable, and have a sense of belonging here at FIS.

Mission Statement:
We nurture internationally-minded, independent thinkers who dare to take risks and make mistakes to achieve personal success.

Growth Mindset:
The growth mindset, and the power of ‘yet’, are powerful tools that we encourage all FIS pupils to harness and utilize. Changing the way we think and talk to ourselves and others will transform the way we deal with mistakes and tackle challenges. At FIS, we face problems head-on and think of a myriad of ways to solve them. Ultimately, the children will become kind, forward-thinking global citizens who believe in themselves and have the ability to communicate and lead in all facets of life.

Working with the 4 Qs

Florencius International School offers children a well-balanced educational approach based on the four 4Qs. This approach focuses on the complete development of the childthe four components of our human nature, intelligence and capacities. 

SQ – Self-confidence

In terms of spiritual intelligence (SQ), Florencius International School pays attention to:

  • Integrity; making children aware of their values, beliefs and conscience and teaching them to deal with those sincerely.
  • Meaning; ensuring children feel meaningful and significant, which is essential for their self-confidence.
  • Growth mindset; all children are capable of success; everyone is able to make individual growth and progress. We teach children to identify their own wishes, passions and goals, and know that together with hard work and determination, they can find and achieve personal success.
  • A positive social climate; with a well-balanced variety of rest and activity. Inner peace is the basis to happiness and the social and emotional well-being of the child.

IQ – Ambition

In terms of mental intelligence (IQ), Florencius  International School pays attention to:

  • Personal Development; each child starting at Florencius International School is assessed and given a personal development plan based on his/her unique strengths and needs, which is discussed and evaluated with  parents.
  • Quality; We deliver top-level, well-structured private education that emphasises international mindedness and 21st century skills.
  • Extra Support; We offer specific customised support for children that are gifted, children with dyslexia, dyscalculia and fear of failure.
  • International-Thinking and Learning; We promote the knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures. 

EQ – Passion

In terms of EQ (emotional intelligence)  Florencius International School pays attention to:

  • Self-awareness; The children’s ability to look deeply within themselves and examine their own lives and choices. The ability to recognise oneassets and faults and use that information to improve him or herself, and also exercise self-control.
  • Empathy; The power to understand the thoughts and feelings of people in various situations, countries, and cultures.  
  • Social Skills; Focus on making mutual decisions, having positive interactions with others, and solving problems in a group setting. 

PQ – Energy

In terms of PQ (physical intelligence)  Florencius International School pays attention to:

  • Sports; We strive for a healthy mind and a healthy body. We are active and play sports several times a week, both indoor and outdoor. Our P.E. teacher coordinates the complete physical education program. Special attention is paid to having fun, being fair and building endurance and strength.
  • Sensible EatingHealthy food is an absolute necessity for children, especially in primary school. Students have lunch at school every day except Wednesday. Together with the children, we prepare a healthy and balanced meal. Furthermore, we teach children about good nutrition, where our food comes from, and the affect food has on our bodies.
  • Relaxation and Stress Management; Throughout the day, we engage in rest and relaxation exercises, such as brain breaks, stretching, and more. A good balance of rest and activity is central to the happiness and social-emotional well-being of the child. 
  • Creativity; In addition to cognitive fields, we also pay special attention to the creative growth of our pupils. By offering them opportunities to express their emotions and opinions, we stimulate their creativity; all four Qare addressed here. These lessons may be independent or conducted as part of the IPC and led by specialist teachers in the fields of music, art and drama

Talent Development

At Florencius, we look at what students can do, instead of what they can’t. We know how important it is for children to feel self-assured and competent; this competence ensures that they dare to attempt skills they haven’t mastered yet.

We build an environment in which every student can develop into a creative individual, with self-confidence, self-knowledge, and independence. We spend a lot of time developing the unique talents of our students and teaching them how to benefit from each other’s strengths.

We recognise children’s distinctive skills and teach them the best way to further develop their talents. It’s wonderful to see our students’ hunger for knowledge and enjoyment of learning!


Personal Development Plan

Each new student at Florencius International School is offered a comprehensive and thorough program at the start of the year that the teacher continuously modifies as the child’s strengths, needs, and talents are observed.

In a consultation with parents, student, and teacher, a personal development plan is designed; this customised plan describes the goals and actions we have in mind for this specific student.

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Individual Attention

At FIS, we believe it is important that children learn in a safe, comfortable, and inspiring environment. We work in small groups (1 teacher per 8 pupils max*), which allows children to work together and learn from one another, but also receive personal attention and individual guidance.

*At regular Dutch schools this ratio is often 1 teacher per 30 students.

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A Safe Learning Environment

At Florencius, we believe that children should feel safe and confident at school. Therefore it’s important that we all treat each other with respect.

First, we teach our pupils to be responsible for their own behaviour by continuously reflecting on it. Additionally, we teach them to reflect on the behaviour of others.

Thanks to Florencius’ small and intimate learning environment, our teachers are able to observe the children closely, reward positive behaviour, and correct – undesirable behaviour. 


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